The Indian River Community Services Alliance, (formerly the Council of Community Services) is a volunteer, non-profit organization of Community service providers whose mission is to share information and educate members. We host our monthly luncheon on the second Thursday of each month. Guests are welcome.

The Community Services Alliance is an organization of over 50 members whose primary mission makes us unique in that we provide and share information in order to educate our local community to the services and resources available to those in need through community outreach and education. The cost of annual membership is $35.

Can You Afford $2.91 per month to be a member?

1. Where else can you network with a group of professionals each month for just the cost of lunch and 2 dollars and 91 cents?
2. Where else can you advertise your events on a Facebook page for that same 2 dollars and 91 cents?
3. Where else can you obtain new referrals to grow your business for that same 2 dollars and 91 cents?
4. Where else can you be part of a charitable organization that contributes to those in need and has fun while doing it, and highlights your business through sponsorships?
5. Ask a Board member how Membership in the CSA has benefitted them and you will know why they chose to be board members!
6. Membership drive is happening now so reach out to your professional friends and ask them if they can afford 2 dollars and 91 cents a month to be part of CSA- the Alliance that focuses on giving back to Vero Beach!

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